We all have experienced the loss of somebody extremely dear. A loss, that leaves you with a heart full of pain and hurt that no words can console. With a life that goes by, ends not just the person, but often it is an end of an era - An era that was full of life, love and laughter. is a platform where you get to celebrate the life that your dear ones lived. Pictures, videos, life history, family tree – upload all your memories and create a legacy that will be a treasure for generations to come. There is so much history that gets lost with every generation. With, your children will know their fore-fathers, their achievements and roots of the family that they belong to.

With families becoming nuclear and scared, spread across the world, can easily become a tool for the whole family to connect with one simple click and unite their prayers for the ones who have gone.

A divine way to keep alive the memories of our family members, friends, teachers and other respected people and pay the real homage.


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